IGBT 60N60

Discover the ideal IGBT 60N60 for your needs. Consider factors like voltage ratings, cooling, and gate control for optimal performance and reliability


  • IGBT 60N60 is a popular choice for various applications
  • Consider the voltage and current ratings of the IGBT for your specific application
  • Look for features like low conduction and switching losses for efficient operation
  • Consider the thermal characteristics and cooling requirements of the IGBT
  • Evaluate the reliability and durability of the IGBT for long-term use
  • Compare prices and availability from different manufacturers before making a decision.
Choosing the Best IGBT 60N60 for Your Applications

Benefits of IGBT 60N60s

The IGBT 60N60 offers several advantages over other power electronic devices, making it a preferred choice in many applications.
  • Outstanding Efficiency: The IGBT 60N60 showcases minimal conduction losses and rapid switching rates, yielding impressive overall efficiency. This aids in curbing energy waste and cutting operational expenses.
  • Dependability: Armed with a sturdy build and adeptness in handling high voltage and current, the IGBT 60N60 ensures steadfast operation even in taxing conditions. Its resilience against elevated temperatures and voltage surges contributes to its extended lifespan and bolsters system dependability.
  • Performance Attributes: The IGBT 60N60 boasts exceptional switching characteristics, allowing for meticulous power flow control. Its on-state voltage drop is minimal, mitigating power dissipation and enhancing system efficiency. Furthermore, its modest gate drive prerequisites render it compatible with an array of control circuits.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using IGBT 60N60s

While the IGBT 60N60 offers numerous advantages, it is essential to consider its limitations and potential drawbacks.


  • High Voltage and Current Handling: The IGBT 60N60 can handle high voltage and current levels, making it suitable for applications that require substantial power output.
  • Fast Switching Speeds: The IGBT 60N60 exhibits fast switching speeds, enabling efficient power control and reducing switching losses.
  • Compatibility with Control Circuits: Its low gate drive requirements make it compatible with various control circuits, allowing for easy integration into existing systems.


  • Cost: The IGBT 60N60 can be relatively expensive compared to other power electronic devices. However, its superior performance and reliability often justify the investment.
  • Heat Dissipation: The high power handling capabilities of the IGBT 60N60 generate heat, requiring proper heat dissipation mechanisms to prevent overheating and ensure optimal performance.
  • Restricted Frequency Spectrum: The IGBT 60N60 might exhibit constraints in high-frequency scenarios owing to its inherent capacitance and switching traits. In these instances, alternate components such as MOSFETs or GaN transistors could offer a more fitting solution.

II. Special Considerations for Choosing IGBT 60N60

Rated Voltage

  • The specified voltage of an IGBT signifies the highest voltage it can withstand without experiencing breakdown.
  • Optimal performance and dependability hinge on selecting the appropriate voltage rating.
  • Surpassing the rated voltage may result in short circuits and irreparable harm.
  • Opting for a voltage rating below necessity can induce overheating and diminished efficiency.
  • It's imperative to meticulously assess voltage prerequisites to guarantee the IGBT operates safely within defined limits.

Power Ratings

  • Power rating refers to an IGBT's ability to handle a specific amount of power without overheating.
  • Matching the power requirements of the application with the IGBT's power rating is important.
  • Choosing an IGBT with a lower power rating for high-power applications can lead to device failure.
  • Selecting an IGBT with a higher power rating than necessary can result in inefficiency and increased power losses.
  • Consider the power requirements to ensure efficient power handling and optimal system performance.

Current Ratings

  • Current rating indicates the amount of current an IGBT can handle without overheating.
  • Choosing the correct current rating is crucial for safe and reliable operation.
  • Exceeding the current rating can lead to thermal stress and damage to the device.
  • Operating an IGBT beyond its current rating can result in reduced system efficiency and potential instability.
  • Select an IGBT with appropriate current ratings to ensure safe and reliable operation.
In conclusion, when choosing an IGBT 60N60, consider the rated voltage, power ratings, and current ratings. Selecting the appropriate voltage rating ensures optimal performance and reliability. Matching the power and current ratings to the application's requirements ensures efficient power handling and safe operation. By evaluating these factors, you can maximize the performance, efficiency, and longevity of the IGBT 60N60 in your system.

The Best Brands for IGBT 60N60


Toshiba is a reliable and high-quality brand for IGBT 60N60s. They are known for their exceptional power handling capability, making them ideal for applications that require robust and efficient power control. Toshiba's IGBT 60N60s also have excellent switching characteristics, resulting in minimized power losses and improved efficiency. Moreover, Toshiba's IGBT 60N60s are durable and long-lasting, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding conditions.


Fairchild is another reputable brand for IGBT 60N60s. Their models offer excellent thermal performance, effectively dissipating heat and ensuring optimal operation in high-temperature environments. Fairchild's IGBT 60N60s also have low conduction losses, improving energy efficiency and contributing to eco-friendly operations. Additionally, these devices offer excellent short-circuit ruggedness, ensuring system safety and protection.


Omron is a trusted brand known for its high-quality electronic components, including IGBT 60N60s. Their models stand out with their exceptional switching speed, enabling precise control and reducing power losses. Omron's IGBT 60N60s also have low saturation voltage, resulting in reduced power dissipation and improved energy efficiency. Furthermore, Omron prioritizes durability and reliability, making their IGBT 60N60s suitable for critical applications. In conclusion, Toshiba, Fairchild, and Omron are reputable brands that offer excellent options for IGBT 60N60s. Toshiba excels in power handling capability and switching characteristics. Fairchild stands out in thermal performance, low conduction losses, and short-circuit ruggedness. Omron distinguishes itself with ultra-fast switching speed, low saturation voltage, and a strong focus on durability. By considering the unique features and advantages of each brand's IGBT 60N60 models, customers can make informed decisions and select the best option for their specific application requirements.

Special Features to Look for When Choosing IGBT 60N60

Anti-Parallel Diodes

  • Anti-parallel diodes are crucial for the performance and protection of IGBT 60N60s.
  • They prevent voltage spikes by allowing current to flow in the opposite direction when the IGBT is turned off.
  • These diodes suppress voltage transients and protect the IGBT from potential damage.
  • They also enhance the overall performance by reducing switching losses, resulting in faster switching times and improved efficiency.

IGBT Chipsets

  • IGBT chipsets are essential for the performance and functionality of IGBT 60N60s.
  • They handle high current and voltage levels, making the IGBT suitable for applications that require high power.
  • The parallel connection of multiple IGBTs within the chipset ensures reliable operation even in demanding conditions.
  • IGBT chipsets provide enhanced thermal performance, reducing the risk of overheating and ensuring device longevity.
  • They offer improved fault tolerance and reliability, allowing the device to continue functioning even if one or more IGBTs fail.

Amplifier Cords

  • Amplifier cords are crucial for the successful operation of IGBT 60N60 applications.
  • They serve as the interface between the amplifier and the IGBT module, transmitting control signals and power.
  • Selecting compatible and high-quality amplifier cords is important for optimal performance and reliability.
  • The cables establish a dependable and secure link, significantly reducing the chances of signal distortion or harm to the IGBT module.
  • Cables of excellent quality provide enhanced insulation, shielding, and robustness, guaranteeing dependable performance even in challenging conditions.

Applications of IGBT 60N60

Low Voltage Direct Current (LVDC)

The IGBT 60N60 is a suitable device for LVDC applications due to its unique characteristics and performance capabilities. Let's discuss its suitability, advantages, and specific considerations.

Suitability of IGBT 60N60 for LVDC Applications:

  • Voltage Rating: The IGBT 60N60 has a voltage rating of 600V, which aligns with the low voltage requirements of LVDC systems. This ensures its performance and reliability in handling common voltage levels in LVDC applications.
  • Current Handling Capability: The IGBT 60N60 can handle high currents, with a maximum continuous current rating of 60A. This enables efficient power transmission and distribution in LVDC systems.
  • Low Switching Losses: The IGBT 60N60 exhibits low switching losses, enhancing system efficiency and reducing energy wastage in LVDC applications.
  • High Switching Frequency: The IGBT 60N60 can operate at high switching frequencies, allowing precise power flow control and effective handling of fast-changing load conditions in LVDC systems.

Advantages of IGBT 60N60 in LVDC Applications:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The IGBT 60N60's low switching losses and high current handling capability improve system efficiency, resulting in energy savings and reduced operational costs.
  • Compact Design: The IGBT 60N60's small size and high power density make it ideal for LVDC applications with space constraints, allowing efficient utilization of limited space without compromising functionality or performance.
  • Robustness and Reliability: The IGBT 60N60 exhibits excellent thermal stability and reliability, even under demanding operating conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance in LVDC applications.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The IGBT 60N60 offers a cost-effective solution for LVDC applications, with competitive pricing, long lifespan, and low maintenance requirements.

Specific Considerations for IGBT 60N60 in LVDC Applications:

  • Gate Control Setup: Engineers must thoughtfully choose and create suitable gate control setups to secure optimal switching performance. This involves considering aspects like gate voltage levels, resistance, and capacitance.
  • Effective Cooling and Heat Management: Efficiently managing cooling and heat is essential to uphold the IGBT 60N60's reliability and performance in LVDC applications. Aspects like heat sinking, thermal conductivity, and ambient temperature necessitate attention.
  • Safety Measures: LVDC systems demand robust protective measures against overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit situations. Engineers should implement suitable protection circuits and strategies to elevate system safety and reliability.

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